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Vacation Home "Fürstenhof" in Wismar

ismar is a beautiful, old town. The historic center of the "Hanse city" has been accepted 2002 by the UNESCO as one of the world´s heritage. The prominent Silhouette of the town is being affected by a number of churches and the middle aged center. Not far from the biggest marketplace in the north of Germany you may find our home. Here you can still feel the fascination of the economic success and the corporate boom during the famous time of the Hanseatic League. But Wismar is not a town living in the past, still today, it is, rightly known as very attractive and famous for tourists all over the world. The city Wismar can be reached directly from Berlin, Hamburg and Rostock via the Autobahn. It takes only 12km to the beaches of the island Poel, as well as to Wohlenberger Wieck .  Our apartment allows a view of the Baltic Sea and the harbor.

Our vacation home (Fewo) "Reric" is situated directly in opposite of the “Fürstenhof”, a building constituted by Herzog J. Albert von Mecklenburg as a domicile inside of the city. It was constructed in the 16th century in Renaissance style and is completely reconstructed. Our flat was reconstructed 1998 in the picturesque Old Town of Wismar according the conservation of ancient monuments with individual rooms and layout. The total living area amounts to 54 sqm with living room, dining area and complete kitchen as well as a beautiful roof terrace, Bathroom with toilette and shower bath. The sleeping room is equipped with a double bed and one single bed for a third person or a child. The terrace allows a little view to the Baltic Sea and to the harbor. If you are interested, please take a close look to our beneficial prices!

Please understand: For the interest of our children and all allergique people pets are not allowed!

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